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2022 Contest Winners

Doug Grad 

He moved to Penguin in 1998 as a Senior Editor for the NAL imprint. Doug also acquired books for the Dutton, Putnam, and Viking lists. While at Penguin, Doug was proud to publish New York Times bestsellers by historical novelist John Jakes. In 2005 Doug went to work for Judith Regan’s imprint at HarperCollins. At ReganBooks, Doug published New York Times bestsellers Brutal by Kevin Weeks and Phyllis Karas. Doug has been a literary agent since 2008.  For more information about Doug, please visit his website:


We all take different paths in life. Some of us know what we want to do when we grow up from a very young age. Some of us take a little longer to figure it out. And some of us are still searching! Doug's journey to becoming a literary agent is an interesting and unexpected one. He also answers the question, who are editors and agents? Where do they come from? What do they want? What do they like? How do they think? And what’s the deal with all those lunches at fancy restaurants? He will  tell you all that, and more!

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