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2022 Contest Winners

Showcase Awards 

1. Grand Showcase Award - 3 Prizes ($300/$100/$50) 

  • 1st Russell Gayer- A Royal Flush

  • 2nd Carol Avila- Remorse in Bloom

  • 3rd Randolph Lancaster- A Best Man Murdered

  • 1 HM  JC Crumpton- An Envelope Addressed to Me

  • 2 HM Jenni Cook- Locked In

  • 3 HM Marlon Hayes- The Majordomo

 2. Oxbow Award in Memory of Dusty & Pat Richards - 3 Prizes  ($200/$100/$50) 

  • 1st Russell Gayer- Buckskins and Lace

  • 2nd Marlon Hayes- The Teller

  • 3rd Gary Rodgers- Mercy Ain't No Preacher

  • 1 HM  Kimberly Vernon- Bounty Hunter's Reward

  • 2 HM Lori L. Robinett- Macon County

  • 3 HM Ellen Withers-Coward's Aim

3. Founding Member Award in Memory of Arkansas Poet Laureate Peggy Vining - 1 Prize ($150) 

  • 1st Julie McNeely Kirwan- I Keep Forgetting to Tell You

  • 1 HM  Doug McClain- The Smell of Butterflies

  • 2 HM Laura Redford- The Gatherings

  • 3 HM Dana Dye- Lovely in Her Bones

4. Mike Willis Inspiration Award - 1 Prize ($150) 

  • 1st Anthony Wood- Going to Town

  • 1 HM  Kimberly Vernon-Granma's Baby

  • 2 HM Gary Rodgers- Chocolate Gravy on Toast

Grand Conference Awards- 3 Prizes ($50/$30/$20)

5.  Search for Excellence Award  

  • 1st Elizabeth Schierschmidt- A Squeaking Door

  • 2nd Deanna Saplin- The Day You Died

  • 3rd Russell Gayer- Reality Magazines

  • 1 HM  Beth Olson- Her Birthday Is The Least of Her Concerns

  • 2 HM Concha Cochran- The Tower

  • 3 HM Rickey Pittman- A Reader's Response to the Novels of Cormac McCarthy

6. Native American Short Story Award

  • 1st JC Crumpton- Daughter of the People

  • 2nd Anthony Wood- The Search for Wailing River

  • 3rd Marcia Gaye- Sings to the Moon

  • 1 HM  Gary Rodgers- A Warrior's Vision

  • 2 HM Regina McLemore- Wild Stallions

  • 3 HM Medal of Brotherhood- Michael Koch

7. Flash Fiction

  • 1st Betsy Gray- Letting Go

  • 2nd Randy Lancaster- The Skunk

  • 3rd Tammy Parra- Newberry Has Chops

  • 1 HM  Patricia Clark Blake- Reunion

  • 2 HM Lonnie Whitaker- Change

  • 3 HM Jenni Cook- Intruder

8. Urrey-Hightower Award

  • 1st Ruth Weeks- No Body, No Crime

  • 2nd G. David Walker- Holiday Spirit

  • 3rd Interoffice Memo- Nancy Gibson

  • 1 HM  Joy Kenney-The Real Story

  • 2 HM Lori L. Robinett-Deliberate Defense

  • 3 HM JC Crumpton- Little One Hush

9. A Fish Out of Water Tale

  • 1st JC Crumpton- Bring Down Ruin

  • 2nd Gary Rodgers- Buffalo and a Beauty Queen

  • 3rd Jane Hamilton- Being Beatrice

  • 1 HM  Tierney James- The Bare Necessities

  • 2 HM Anne Sturtevant- A Deal with Big Foot

  • 3 HM Russell Gayer- Silver-Tongued Spork

10. Bowled Over Contest

  • 1st Yvonne Tillapaugh- Coincidence

  • 2nd Kathryn Spurgeon-The Patient

  • 3rd Sherri Ungerer-Promises Kept

  • 1 HM  Marlon Hayes- The Perfect Night

11. "Steamy" Romance Contest

  • 1st Stolen Moment- Deanna Saplin

  • 2nd Tierney James- Agents of Desire

  • 3rd Signa Bodishbaugh- My Steamy Romance

  • 1 HM  Ed Barham-First Date

12. Sleuth's Ink Contest

  • 1st Anne Sturtevant- Keep it on the Lowdown

  • 2nd Rickey Pittman- Just Across the River

  • 3rd JC Crumpton- The First Independent Shoe War

  • 1 HM  Kathyrn Spurgeon-Planning the Summit


Conference Awards- 3 Prizes ($25/$15/$10)

13.  Goddesses of Poetic License Challenge

  • 1st Gary Rodgers- A Tattoo for Dad

  • 2nd Shirley McCann- The Last Dinner

  • 3rd Michael Lee- Dr. Nut

  • 1 HM  Rhonda Harvey- Hell's Gate

  • 2 HM Marlon Hayes- May Jean's Appointment

14. Senior Moments​

  • 1st Margarite Stever- Violet's Unexpected Treasure

  • 2nd Billie Holladay Skelley- Coming Home

  • 3rd Ellen Carpenter-Meteor Shower

  • 1 HM Concha Cochran- Under Pressure

  • 2 HM Katheryn Spurgeon- Her Reflection

  • 3 HM Doug McClain- Scavengers


15. A Scream in the Night

  • 1st Jenni Cook- Coal Life

  • 2nd Shirley McCann- Favorite Holiday

  • 3rd Joy Keeney- The Haunting of Stoney Point

  • 1 HM Anthony Wood- The Stare

  • 2 HM Kimberly Vernon- The Experiment

  • 3 HM Regina McLemore-Homecoming

16. Life Along the Mississippi (Historical Fiction)​

  • 1st Jenni Cook- Coal Life

  • 2nd Shirley McCann- Favorite Holiday

  • 3rd Joy Keeney- The Haunting of Stoney Point

  • 1 HM Anthony Wood- The Stare

  • 2 HM Kimberly Vernon- The Experiment

  • 3 HM Regina McLemore-Homecoming

17. Middle-Grade Fiction for Boys Ages 9-12

  • 1st Ruth Weeks- James Logan and the Ford Mustang

  • 2nd Jenni Cook- The Magic Bat

  • 3rd Joni Cogbill- The Dragon's Tears

  • 1 HM Marion Grace- Bully Fear

  • 2 HM Yvonne Tillapaugh-Remi's FLight

  • 3 HM Elizabeth Attebery-August's Magic Drawing


18. Paranormal Western Contest

  • 1st Betsy Gray- The Night the James Gang Came to Mystic

  • 2nd Ruth Weeks- Revenge Rides a Dapple Gray

  • 3rd Gary Rodgers- Grateful for Gratitude


19. Hometown Newspaper Column

  • 1st Gary Rodgers- Checkers and RC Cola

  • 2nd Billie Holladay Skelley- Ice Cream Cones: St Louis, The Ozarks and The World

  • 3rd Carolyn Hall- Suspended Fear

  • 1 Hm Kimberly Vernon- Moon Shines on Local Festival


20. Give Us The Best of Friends

  • 1st Russell Gayer- The Boy Next Door

  • 2nd Rhonda Harvey- Madison County Moonshine Festival

  • 3rd Rickey Pittman- Another Satyr-day Night

21. Repurpose a Quote

  • 1st Wanita Humphrey- Hello

  • 2nd Tierney James- After All, Tomorrow Is Another Day

  • 3rd Billie Holliday Skelley- The Quandary

  • 1 Hm Joni Cogbill- Claim to Fame

22. Space Journey

  • 1st Kimberly Vernon-Gigantula Tarantula

  • 2nd Doug McClain- Killer Kudzu

  • 3rd Candy Meier- Alpha and Omega

  • 1 HM JC Crumpton- Exactly the Same, Just Different

  • 2 HM Julie McNeely-Kirwan- The Deer Man

  • 3 HM Rickey  Pittman- The Search for Turok's Lost Valley

23. Traditions Contest

  • 1st Sherri Ungerer- Saturday with My Sister

  • 2nd Ed Barham- The Littlest Angel

  • 3rd Concha Cochran-Sunday Double Feature

  • 1 Hm Ellen Withers- Making Lemonade from Lemons

24. ​Travel Article

  • 1st Tierney James-Ya-Ta Hey Monument Valley

  • 2nd JC Crumpton- I Am Insignificant

  • 3rd Regina McLemore- A DNA Tour of the British Isles

  • 1 HM Gary Rodgers- Black Hills and Blue Skies

  • 2 HM Billie Holladay Skelley-Experience Maine- See the Way Life Should Be

  • 3 HM Deanna Saplin- Amelia Island

25. Things That Go Bump In The Night!

  • 1st Billie Holladay Skelley- A Night At The Old Lehi Hospital

  • 2nd Candy Meier- The Man In The Moon

  • 3rd Gary Rodgers- Devil's Racetrack

  • 1 HM Elizabeth Schierschmidt-Elf on the Shelf

26. My Favorite Day in Nature

  • 1st Deanna Saplin- Life Restored

  • 2nd Carolyn Hall- Arabesque

  • 3rd Concha Cochran- Evening of Autumn

  • 1 HM Barbara Clouse- In Shelter of Oak

  • 2 HM Betty McCarthy- Fringe

  • 3 HM Buffalo Riversong- Julie McNeely-Kirwan

27. Hook Us with your Best First Paragraph

  • 1st Monica Holcomb- Avalina's Tale

  • 2nd Candy Meier- Fire at Dad's Resort

  • 3rd Ellen Withers- West to a New Life

  • 1 HM Susette Shreve-Bathilda's Best

28. No, No Ebeneezer Award!

  • 1st Ed Barham- Frostop Caper

  • 2nd Tierney James- No Sense of Humor

  • 3rd Marion Grace-Inspiration

  • 1 HM Rickey Pittman- My Lucky Strike

  • 2 HM Kathryn Spurgeon- Road to Butler's

29. Creative Non-Fiction Award

  • 1st Margarite Stever- Just Because I'm A Girl

  • 2nd Billie Holladay Skelley-One Little Mistake

  • 3rd Carolyn Hall- Saved for Retirement 

  • 1 HM JC Crumpton- I Saw King Kong


30. Cross-Genre Contest

  • 1st Joy Keeney-Devil's Gap

  • 2nd Deanna Saplin- Dead Ringer

  • 3rd Rhonda Harvey- Taste of Justice

  • 1 HM Ed Barham- The Dragon That Ate Riverfest

31.  The Rainbolt Children's Book Award

  • 1st Joy Keeney-A Dinosaur for Bradley

  • 2nd Brenda Ferguson- Moon Traveler

  • 3rd Kimberly Vernon- Gizmo Goes Green

32. On-The-Spot Contest- One Prize $25

  • 1st Carolyn Hall- The Worst Poem about Writing

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