2018 Contest Winners

Board of Directors Award

First Place: Howell Island - W. E. Mueller

Second Place: The Magic of the Ozarks: Poppets and Spite Dolls - Billie Holladay Skelley

Third Place: The Joy Thief - Jean Healan

First Honorable Mention: Tattoos and Tree Burls - Amy Galloway

Second Honorable Mention: Ober Car Attacks Family at McDonalds on Rogers - Larry Brandenburg

Oxbow Award in Memory of Dusty & Pat Richards

First Place: William and the Old Indiana - Gene LaViness

Second Place: Horse Trader - Carolyn Branch

Third Place: Quiet, Wyoming Territory - Douglas N. Osgood

First Honorable Mention: Born Ready - Shelley Anne Richter

Second Honorable Mention: Possum Joe and the Backshooter - Terry Alexander

Third Honorable Mention: Owning a Masterson - Ericca Thornhill

Laureate Award in Memory of Arkansas Poet Peggy Vining

First Place: Snow Falling on Cedar Wood - Prix Gautney

First Honorable Mention: January Tryst - Brenda Galloway Conway

Mike & Chrissy Willis Award

First Place: Women for Sale - Donna Volkenannt

First Honorable Mention: Devil Rooster - Margarite R. Stever

OGHMA Creative Media Award

First Place: Love on the Books - Betsy Gray

Second Place: Sins of the Mother - Lori Robinett

Third Place: King Zupan’s Daughter - Tierney James

Jim Richardson Memorial Short Story Award

First Place: Letters From Mexico - Bonnie K. Tesh

Second Place: Home - Thomas Long

Third Place: Our Lady of Sorrows - Donna Volkenannt

First Honorable Mention: Saved by Grace - Betsy Gray

Second Honorable Mention: The Party’s Over - Shirley McCann

In Search of Excellence Award for Nonfiction Memoir or Essay

First Place: Designated Driver - Carolyn Hall

Second Place: The Party That Never Was - W.E. Mueller

Third Place: Lucky Stroke - Jane Hamilton

First Honorable Mention: Childhood Magic - Billie Holladay Skelley

Tell Me a Story Award, Presented by Erman and Nettie Sands

First Place: The Right Guy - Shirley McCann

Second Place: The Portrait - Jack Kline

Third Place: The Bet - W.E. Mueller

First Honorable Mention: Family Bonds - Margarite R. Stever

Second Honorable Mention: Front Porch Memories - Cheryl Cleek

Third Honorable Mention: Fruitless Communication - Billie Holladay Skelley

Writing is a Blast Award, Presented by Jane and Mitch Hale

First Place: Jeremiah Bach - W.E. Mueller

Second Place: The Box - Jack Kline

Third Place: The Layered Universe - Susan Eschbach

First Honorable Mention: Elmer’s Big Break - Donna Volkenannt

Amphorae Publishing Group Award

First Place: Tiger Moth - Sarah Angleton

Second Place: Maldia’s Revenge - Angela Drake

Third Place: The Enchanted Album - Jane Hale

Romance Award in Memory of Pat Richards, Presented by Sisterhood of the Traveling Pen

First Place: A Warriors Heart - Rhonda Harvey

Second Place: Heart’s Desire - Angela Drake

Third Place: Sadie’s Dream - Renee’ La Viness

First Honorable Mention: Virgin Witch of the Black Castle - Ericca Thornhill

Nursery Rhyme Crimes Award, Presented by Coffee & Critque Writers Group

First Place: The Lost Sheep - Prix Gautney

Second Place: Lost Sheep - Margarite R. Stever

Third Place: Muffet’s Tuffet - Carolyn Hall

Love is in the Air Award, Presented by Chrissy Willis

First Place: Looking Inn - Steven M. Cross

Second Place: The Dance of Romance - Renee’ La Viness

Third Place: Social Media Romance - Shelley Anne Richter + D13

First Honorable Mention: Six Degrees of Connection - Ericca Thornhill

Give Us the Best of Friends Award, Presented by Betsy Gray & Joni Cogbill

First Place: Big Black Horse and an Apple Tree - Prix Gautney

Second Place: Signs of Friendship - W.E. Mueller

Third Place: Granny Thistle - Shelley Anne Richter

First Honorable Mention: Six Degrees of Connection - Ericca Thornhill

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night Award, Presented by Lonnie Whitaker

First Place: A Labor of Love - W.E. Mueller

Second Place: The Honeymooner’s Tale - Marcia Gaye

Third Place: Weathering the Storm - Donna Volkennant

First Honorable Mention: Steve’s March - Renee’ La Viness

Second Honorable Mention: All In a Day’s Dark and Stormy Tow Truck - Ericca Thornhill

Tell Me Why (Favorite Book) Award, Presented by Macia Gaye

First Place: The Persistence of Pride and Prejudice - Billie Holladay Skelley

Second Place: War Letters (My Favorite Book) - Donna Wolz

Third Place: The Hobbit is My Favorite Book - Margarite R. Stever

First Honorable Mention: My Favorite Book The Reader - Holly Trem Goslin

Second Honorable Mention: The Wonderful Emma Woodhouse - Sarah Angleton

Middle School Fiction for Boys 9-12 Award, Presented by Renee’ La Viness

First Place: The Bike - Jean Healan

Second Place: If Sheep Could Fly - Sarah Angleton

Third Place: Colton and the Kayak - Ericca Thornhill

First Honorable Mention: Thomas Long

Second Honorable Mention: Matthew Eschbach

Flash Fiction Award, Presented by David Kirkland

First Place: Revenge - Lonnie Whitaker

Second Place: Shrinking World - Jean Healan

Third Place: The Secret - Shirley McCann

First Honorable Mention: Relax - Jane Hale

Second Honorable Mention: Enlightenment - Russell Gayer

Third Honorable Mention: What a Difference a Day Makes - Marcia Gaye

Inspirational Essay Award, Presented by Clouse Literary Arts & Theatre

First Place: A Dog’s (After) Life - W.E. Mueller

Second Place: Hit by Lightning - Billie Holladay Skelley

Third Place: Rescued - Steven M. Cross

First Honorable Mention: The Road to Success - Barbara Warren

Second Honorable Mention: From Dad with Love - Donna Volkenannt

Third Honorable Mention: Doll House - Margarite R. Stever

Space Journey Science Fiction Award, Presented by Tahlequah Writers

First Place: The Bus Ride - Billie Holladay Skelley

Second Place: Death by Survey - Tierney James

Third Place: Princess Sophie and Plain Jane - Margarite R. Stever

First Honorable Mention: Here There Be Dragons - Thomas Long

Traditions Creative Non-Fiction Essay on Your Favorite Family Traditions Award, Presented by Linda Apple

First Place: Packrat Legacy - Carolyn Hall

Second Place: Flying in the Face of Tradition - Marcia Gaye

Third Place: The Security Quilt - Jane Hamilton

First Honorable Mention: Random Gifts - Bonnie K. Tesh

Travel Article Award, Presented by Johnny D. Boggs

First Place: Greece-Business Class or Third-Class Carriage - Larry Brandenburg

Second Place: Three Rivers, Colorado - Jack Kline

Third Place: From Freedom to Frankenstein: Discovering Mid-Missouri’s Hidden Gems - Donna Volkenannt

First Honorable Mention: More than Horses - Wanita Marie Humphrey

Second Honorable Mention: Rving the Independence Trail - Douglas N. Osgood

My Favorite Day in Nature Award, Presented by Linda Sartin

First Place: Midnight and Mango on Pin Oak Lake - Betsy Gray

Second Place: Triplets - Lori L. Robinett

Third Place: The Garden Lady - Shelley Anne Richter

First Honorable Mention: From Weeding to Wisdom - Billie Holladay Skelley

Second Honorable Mention: Any Day Is a Good Day - Rhonda Harvey

Third Honorable Mention: To Save the Lost - Sarah Angelton

Things that go Bump in The Night! - Paranormal Short Story Award, Presented by Ruth Weeks

First Place: Tea for Two - Marcia Gaye

Second Place: What’s Under the Bed - Sherrie Akers

Third Place: The Straight Flush - Pirx Gautney

First Honorable Mention: Friends of Mother - W.E. Mueller

Second Honorable Mention: Invisible - Steven M. Cross

Hoot Owl Award, Presented by Ebeenzer Longfellow

First Place: A Mouse in the Mousse - Shelley Anne Richter

Second Place: Rooster on the Loose - Margarite R. Stever

Third Place: Fangs, Claws and Chatter - Marion Grace

First Honorable Mention: Chico - W.E. Mueller

Milestones Fiction Award, Presented by Saturday Writers of St. Charles MO

First Place: The World As I See It - W.E. Mueller

Second Place: How I Met Your Momma - Jack Kline

Third Place: Invisible - Steven M. Cross

On the Spot Contest

First Place: David Kirkland