Publisher's Row

Publisher's Row was a success and plans are already underway to make it even better this year. We want to thank all the publishers who participated. Rumor has it that several authors walked away from OCW with either a contract or an invitation to submit a manuscript. The publishers who participate in publisher's row are all independent and transactions between publishers and participants are not endorsed or recommended by OCW Board. The OCW Board takes no responsibility for these transactions or arrangements.



Oghma Creative Media is a Renaissance Press with a wide variety of imprints. It also publishes Saddlebags Dispatch, a quarterly magazine. The mission statement of Oghma Creative Media is to develop and promote quality artists who are overlooked by the traditional business models of their respective industries and who are currently lost among the unfiltered mass media distribution channels.



Amphorae Publishing is a woman- and veteran-owned business. Amphorae was created in 2014 with the merger of Blank Slate Press, Walrus Publishing, and Treehouse Publishing Group. In 2018, Amphorae acquired Goldminds Publishing. Through these imprints, Amphorae has worked with authors across the United States to publish titles over a wide range of genres. Kristina Makansi and Lisa Miller are the founders and current publishing partners at Amphorae.



Dedicated to supporting authors, Mocking Bird Lane Press is looking for fiction and non-fiction (no children's books). As a full service publishing company they are committed to helping authors create a 'best-selling' book. Their books are listed on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Owner Regina Riney-Williams brings her 20+ years in the publishing field to this endeavor and is anxious to talk with you about your project.