2019 Conference Program

Below you will find a detailed description of each session. Remember to visit Publisher’s Row, where publishers will be waiting to talk to you about your book! Sign up sheets for pitches will be available at each publisher's table. As a participant, you are invited to attend all sessions including the Friday night entertainment and the Saturday Awards Ceremony. If you wish to attend either Friday or Saturday banquets, please purchase tickets in advance as a limited number will be available at the conference.

Thursday, October 10th

3:00-7:00 PM

Check-in or register for the conference. Sign up for the open mic between 3-4:30 or 6:00-6:30 in the lobby of the conference center at Inn of the Ozarks.

3:00-4:30 PM



For her Thursday afternoon session Chrissy Willis will cover topics about how subjective the publishing world is and why it’s important to grow a thick skin, exercise tenacity, and remain optimistic until they get the ‘yes’ answer. She will illustrate by telling of past writers and their journey to publishing, their tenacity and how many rejections they received, etc. In addition, she will address the 'free money' that is out there for writers and publishers in the international marketplace.

7:00 PM

6th annual Open Mic. Bring five double-spaced pages. Lonnie Whitaker will be the MC. Sign up in the lobby beginning at 3:00 pm. Time limit of 5 minutes will allow everyone to participate. Free popcorn and soft drinks provided.

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