4RV Publishing LLC is a small traditional press that produces trade paperbacks, hardcover books, and ebooks. They have a qualified staff of editors, designers, and illustrators, and the authors under contract are some of the best to be found. After nearly a decade of continued growth, 4RV divided into seven different imprints in the fall of 2015. Imprint Editor Renee’ La Viness will be available to take pitches. Learn more at http://4rvpublishing.com

 Publisher’s Row 2017
Publisher's Row was a success and plans are already underway to make it even better this year. We want to thank all the publishers who participated. Rumor has it that several authors walked away from OCW with either a contract or an invitation to submit a manuscript. The publishers who participate in publisher's row are all independent and transactions between publishers and participants are not endorsed or recommended by OCW Board. The OCW Board takes no responsibility for these transactions or arrangements.

HIGH HILL PRESS: High Hill Press was established in the winter of 2008. It was simply created to offer writers a small niche between the huge New York publishing houses, and the often high-priced print on demands. According to publisher Lou Turner "We  are not a self-publisher or a vanity press. We are simply a small press. We list our titles with a national distributor, and we work with our authors to help with their marketing. Think about it, we want your book to sell as much as you do." http://www.highhillpress.com/

PEN-L PUBLISHING: Veteran OCW publishers, Duke and Kimberly Pennell, seek gripping fiction of most genres—particularly if you have a series—and non-fiction that addresses people’s most burning questions. No horror, traditional romance, or erotica, thanks. Minorities of all kinds welcome. We are open to submissions in person only. Surprise us with your pitch!Visit us at http://www.pen-l.com/

DEADLY RIGHTS PUBLISHING: ​Interested in writing mystery, thriller or crime novels then you should plan to speak to the representatives from

Deadly Rights Publishing. They are currently looking for exciting stories of murder and crime. Find out more  http://www.deadlywritespublishing.com/

MOCKINGBIRD LANE PRESS:  Dedicated to supporting authors Mocking Bird Lane Press is looking for fiction and  non-fiction (no children's books). As a full service publishing company they are committed to helping authors create a 'best-selling' book. Their books are listed on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Owner Regina Riney-Williams brings her 20+ years in the publishing field to this endeavor and is anxious to talk with you about your project.  http://www.mockingbirdlanepress.com/#!

FIVE STAR PUBLISHING: Tiffany Schofield, from Five Star, a division of Gale Cengage Learning, is one of those editors who wears a dozen hats. Five Star is a rising star in publishing. They do library editions with their parent company, Cengage, but Five Star itself is seeking westerns, romances, young adult…and several other popular genres. Tiffany says not to be nervous, but to pitch your book to her so that she can see the passion you have for the story. If you show that you care about your story, she'll no doubt care of about it too.

High Hill Press
A Never Ending Story

OGHMA CREATIVE MEDIA: Oghma Creative Media is a Renaissance Press with a wide variety of imprints. It also publishes Saddlebags Dispatch, a quarterly magazine. The mission statement of Oghma Creative Media is to develop and promote quality artists who are overlooked by the traditional business models of their respective industries and who are currently lost among the unfiltered mass media distribution channels. Find out more at  https://oghmacreative.com/

AMPHORAE PUBLISHING GROUP: This is an exciting addition to Ozark Creative Writers’ Publisher’s Row. It’s a new group consisting of three established publishers who have joined together under one umbrella, Amphorae Publishing Group.  There you will also find information about each of these separate publishing companies and their editors, Lisa Miller with Walrus Publishing, Donna Essner with Treehouse Publishing Group, and Kristina Blank Makansi with Blank Slate Press. www.amphoraepublishing.com

BRICK MANTEL BOOKS: Brick Mantel Books publishes quality literary fiction and poetry. Our goal is to help readers gain a stronger sense of the world and humanity through literature.If you write literary fiction that is character-driven, engaging, provocative, lyrical, artistic, experimental, or out-of-the-ordinary, or if you write contemporary and innovative poetry, 
sign up to pitch your book to Jennifer Geist. info@brickmantelbooks.com
(314) 827-6567 or (314) 471-7175. http://brickmantelbooks.com/

SMOKING GUN PUBLISHING:Smoking Gun Publishing brings you the best in adult fiction. We specialize in mystery, suspense and thrillers, however, we accept mainstream, romance and women's fiction. If you have a great story, we'd like to publish it! Smoking Gun is committed to authors and promises: (1) A reliable production schedule and signing date; (2) Advance reading copies for publicity and blurbs ; (3) Access to professional consultants to ensure accuracy of technical details; (4) Effective, efficient distribution; (5) Most importantly,-A QUALITY PUBLICATION.  http://www.smokinggunpublishing.com/​