Tiffany Schofield  from Five Star, a division of Gale Cengage Learning, is one of those editors who wears a dozen hats. Five Star is a rising star in publishing. They do library editions with their parent company, Cengage, but Five Star itself is seeking westerns, romances, young adult…and several other popular genres. Tiffany says not to be nervous, but to pitch your book to her so that she can see the passion you have for the story. If you show that you care about your story, she'll no doubt care of about it too.

Clarissa  (Chrissy)  Willis President: has been writing since she was five years old. She is the author of 19 non-fiction books and many more articles and curriculum projects. As a keynote speaker she has presented workshops in 48 states and four foreign countries.  She served on the OCW Board from 1986-2009  and is excited to be back as Conference Director for 2016. READ MORE


Johnny D. Boggs has been praised by Booklist magazine as “among the best western writers at work today” and is one of the few authors to have won both the Western Heritage Wrangler Award and Spur Award for his fiction. True West magazine has named him the Best Living Fiction Writer in its Best of the West Awards. READ MORE.

Brett Cogburn: According to Brett, "Whether writing about the Old West, Depression Era highway bandits, or Twenty-First Century bankrobbers, I try to stay true to life and history. I've knocked around quite a bit over the years and the trials and tribulations that hard working Americans conquer every day never cease to amaze me. Everything I've ever written is based on the people like you I've known, the good and the bad, and friend and enemy alike. Americans, 100 years ago or today, are what make life interesting. What a writer needs is walking around him on a daily basis - heroes, heroines, and the occasional knave or villain.  All I have to do is give them a setting and something to do.  A storyteller is nothing but a good liar, and I hope I can spin a yarn or two that will suit your fancy and make you wish you were there." READ MORE

Dusty Richardsis an award winning western author, with over 100 published novels under his name and pseudonyms. His awards include two Spurs, best book of the year Wrangler Award from the Cowboy Hall of Fame and Museum, a Will Roger’s Medallion Award for best western book of the year, and True West Magazine readers voted him the best living western fiction writer. READ MORE.

Louella Turner (Secretary) has had scores of short stories, essays, and articles published, starting with her first publication 10 years ago in Country Almanac, a national magazine with 750,000 subscribers. She has also seen her fiction appear in 16 published anthologies and has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Louella and her husband are the owners of High Hill Press.  READ MORE