Coffee and Tea will be served throughout the day. Onsite registration will be available as well. Visit Publishers Row: Throughout both Friday and Saturday all of our  publishers will be taking pitches. There will be pitch sheet on their tables  with the times available. Sign up, and make sure you’re on time. 

 Announcements- Chrissy Willis, President OCW
 Opening Keynote- W. Michael Gear and Kathleen O’Neal Gear are  bestselling authors and award winning archaeologists who have  collectively and separately written over 50 books. It is indeed your lucky  day as they will share ‘tricks of the trade’ for any genre and talk about  their experiences as renowned New York Times bestselling authors.
   The Gears Continue
   11:30-1:30   Lunch on your own
    1:30   Luck has nothing to do with it - Learning the Craft of Writing- A           series of breakout sessions designed to help beginning and seasoned     authors improve their writing

   Break out session 1 (Choose one)

        Max McCoy - "(The Man Who Was) Twain's Mysterious Stranger."

     Johnny Boggs- Travel Writing

     Brett Cogburn-  A review with you. Bring one page of your best work          and attend this open critique session.

    2:45 -3:00


 Break out session 2 (Choose one)
   Tiffany Schofield-“Genres & Subgenres: Discover & explore their                 importance to your publishing success

    Linda Apple- The Writing Life- Your Stories Matter.

    Dusty Richards- Award winning Western author talks about "Lessons       learned the hard way."        

  5:30 Gathering in Lobby with Cash Bar
  6:00Bar-B-Cue Banquet (Purchase tickets in advance). Followed by an           auction and jam session.This is a sing along, so we want you all there.     Bring your guitar, your bagpipes, or your saw and spoons. We will             supply sheet music.You are invited to the auction and the Jam Session   even if you chose to eat dinner elsewhere.

For a PDF of this schedule click here..

Saturday, October 14, 2017

   3:00 -4:30 PM

   6:00-7:00 PM

 Check-in or register for the conference. Sign up for the open mic                between 3-4:30 or 6:00-6:30 in the lobby of the conference center at Inn  of the Ozarks.                  
   3:00 -4:30 PM
 SPECIAL EARLY BIRD SESSION: Superstition!   Tiffany Schofield will  kick off our conference theme “Your Lucky Day in the Ozarks!” with this  fun workshop on using superstition in your writing. Tiffany will show you  how to make it work for you even in contemporary writing. This is session  is free to all registered participants.
   7:00 PM
 5th annual Open Mic. Bring five double-spaced pages. Lonnie Whitaker  will be the “Lucky” MC. Sign up in the lobby beginning at 2:30 pm. Time  limit of 5 minutes will allow everyone to participate. Free popcorn and  soft drinks provided

51st Anniversary Preliminary Conference Agenda

​Friday, October 13, 2017

Thursday, October 12, 2017.


 Coffee and Tea will be served throughout the day.

 Onsite registration will be available until noon.

 Publishers Row: Throughout both Friday and Saturday all of our  publishers will be taking pitches. There will be pitch sheet on their tables  with the times available. Sign up, and make sure you’re on time. 

 Announcements- Tiffany Schofield
 Opening Keynote- Max McCoy "Writing the Unexpected Journey."   
 Max continues...
   11:30-1:30   Lunch on your own

   ​Speakers Panel: Our multi-published and award winning board  members and speakers will talk about their experiences and give you  their suggestions for what you need to do to build a career in writing.  We’ll have 3 X 5 cards on the registration table for you to write your  questions for the panel down ahead of time



 Publishers Panel:  Moderated by Chrissy Willis, invited publishers will  share with participants ideas and methods for getting your book  published. There will be time for them to answer your questions as well. 

     3:45-4:15  Closing announcements and wrap up. This will also be your final               chance before we say goodbye to let us know what you liked about           our conference, make suggestions  on what we can do to make it even     better in the future. Linda Apple, Tiffany Shofield and Chrissy Willis.
   6:00 Gathering in Lobby with Cash Bar
   6:30 Awards Banquet (Purchase tickets in advance).You are welcome at the   awards ceremony even if you chose to eat elsewhere. It takes place           around 7:45.